Part time jobs

Part-time work is used when the normal statutory working hours are 40 hours or 38.5 hours per week on average.

The amount of income of part-time working people is not limited. A part-time employment is also the speech, if one is set slightly and maximum € 446.81 gross (2019) earned.


Special payments

The special payments are to be paid as for full-time work. At least to the extent that corresponds to the actual hours worked in relation to the statutory or collective agreement standard working hours.


Accurate agreement of working time

Unless otherwise agreed, it is advised to make any changes or similar in writing regarding the extent of part-time work.


Amicable changes

Changes in working hours, reductions or increase in working hours must be mutually agreed in writing by both parties (employer and employee).


TIP: In order to avoid changes in working hours, it is recommended to address the non-alterability of these in writing in the collective agreement.


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