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We are JobWUAW .com and our most important task is to connect candidates and entrepreneurs with each other and with each other in order to make their lives easier and more fulfilling. We want to guide job seekers to their dream job and entrepreneurs to the most suitable candidates. We always strive for the WUAW results. WUAW w ith Yo a round the W orld.

JobWUAW specializes in its supply (labor resources) primarily in Spain and Austria, and subsequently internationally. Because even in the Spanish area there are highly qualified candidates waiting for the big job opportunity.


According to Eurostat, in February 2019 Spain reached an unemployment rate of 13.9% with 46 million inhabitants.

In Austria, on the other hand, the shortage of skilled workers in spring / summer 2018 is already noticeable in almost all Austrian companies (87%), it increases the workload of entrepreneurs and current employees, endangers the quality of service provision and customer satisfaction and also leads to clearer results Loss of economic success of Austrian companies (less turnover and higher costs).

The predicted development of the number of 20 to 60-year-olds in the period 2018-2030 according to Statistics Austria’s main scenario illustrates the demographic (future) (shortage) demand for specialists / employees in Austria. The number of 20- to 60-year-olds is falling dramatically in almost all federal states, albeit to different degrees, between 2018 and 2030. In terms of absolute numbers, it is primarily the federal states of Upper Austria and Styria, which are expected to see a particularly sharp decline in the 20 to 60-year-olds, although they are already affected by a noticeable shortage of skilled workers in many areas. (Editor All rights reserved ibw – Institute for Human Educational Research)

According to a forecast by the AMS (private source), the catering and care sectors in particular will suffer heavily in the future.

With our know-how in human recruiting and the knowledge of the Spanish language, in cooperation with our cooperation partners, we aim to adequately arrange the exchange of Spanish professionals.


Yaima EchtingerManagement: Yaima Echtinger,

born in Cuba, native language: Spanish

is a certified accountant and already has 5 years experience in human recruiting.

Reliable, loyal, communicative

passionate communication power, loves roast pork, dancing and reading.